Healthy Relationship Advice For Men And Women

Healthy Relationship Advice.

healthy relationship adviceA great relationship is a joy in life. Enjoy these simple healthy relationship advice tips for men and women It is OK to be single and to be happy but I personally have found that it is much better to be in a relationship.

Life is just a lot more joy when you have a partner to share life’s journey.

This site is dedicated to having a healthy relationship with some free advice that works.

Heathy Relationship Advice Keys

We will look at 5 main keys to having a great relationship. W will also look at how to attract that sexy man or woman into your life in a week or so. This method worked for me!

The first main step to have a good relationship is commitment. Both the partners need to be committed to being fully in the relationship. This might sound obvious, but usually one partner is more committed than the other. Many times, one person has issues from their past that stops a full commitment.

The second main step in a healthy relationship is appreciation. Most of us have been raised in a critical family. Think back to how much praise you got as a kid. Most of us got a lot of criticism. Must of us got very little praise. It is very easy to fall into the trap of criticising your partner and forgetting the compliments.

Most couples actually need to practice this.

Set a commitment to give your partner praise 5 times a day. Set a commitment to remove criticism and replace it with what you felt when your partner did something you did not like.

When you did … I felt this inside….

This sort of communication is a non blame style. This avoids conflict in the relationship.

Healthy Relationship Advice: Remove Emotional Communication

When you get emotional, say to your partner, I am emotional and I need time out. Leave the room and do some exercise, beat up the pillow. When the emotions subside, come back and start to communicate again.

I hope you like these powerful healthy relationship advice tips and advice to create a healthy relationship. If you take the time to do the above relationship advice you will find yourself in a lot more of a great partnership space.